Tips for choosing the best moving company

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Finding a good moving company is a daunting task. The right choice can make your moving smooth and easy, but the wrong one can make the entire process a nightmare. You need to know how to select the best-moving company for your sake and that of your belongings.

There are some things you should consider, here is a list.


How much moving work do you want to be handled by the moving company

Wood pulling truckFor a price, you can hire someone to do anything for you. In the case of moving, you can hire moving companies to do everything from boxing your belongings to packing the boxes and finally unloading the boxes into the respective rooms in the house. Many people, however, choose to box their belongings themselves and hire movers only to do the heavy lifting of loading and unloading the truck and also the driving. Others especially cross country movers opt to do their driving. They rent a truck and hire movers only to box their belongings and pack them into the truck.

How far are you moving?

The price of the move and the choice of moving companies are affected by the distance of your move. Long distance moves are more expensive and also, not all local moving companies offer interstate moving services.For the long distance moves, make sure to hire movers early enough in advance so as to ensure they are available.

Does the company insure your property against loss or damage?

Before you hire moving companies, ask them beforehand how much they pay as compensation for lost or damaged belongings. Make sure they give you a verified copy of their compensation policy in writing. Most companies only reimburse a small fraction of the value of your lost or damaged belongings which is not enough coverage. If this is the case, you may consider additional insurance.Your belongings are valuable assets and replacing them would cost a lot of money so avoid making a gamble over their safety.

Does the moving company have a good reputation?

Truck graphicAsk friends, family, coworkers or local real estate agents for recommendations. Do not make any assumptions on a company as we’ve all heard the horror stories of rogue movers and scammers who break valuables or rob their client’s blind. Find out a company’s reputation before jumping into bed with them; it is better to be safe than sorry.


So if you are planning to move home soon, perhaps you should consider the best moving company. When you look at the facts, using them instead of friends will provide a quicker, cheaper and more efficient method of moving. Moreover, you will find that there are plenty of moving companies out there, this means you get to pick the one with the best reputation.

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