Three Hobbies You Can Do at Home

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Hobbies are recreational activities of the mind carried out during leisure time. The aim is to eliminate fatigue or stress generated by the burden of daily activities. By having a hobby, you can hone your creativity and interest outside of your primary job.

Hobbies are not just fun activities, though. If you are diligent and determined enough, you can even make money out of your hobby. Without further adieu, let us learn these three hobbies you can do at home!

Hydroponic Gardening

Gardening doesn’t have to take a large space. Nowadays there is a trend for a new style of growing crops, namely hydroponics. Hydroponics is a new way of planting, that is, by not requiring extensive land, but water and  a growing medium.

The good news about hydroponic is that you can repurpose used materials to be a planting media. Beverage bottles, exhaust pipes, styrofoam containers, and plastic containers are some items that you can transform into hydroponic growing media. You can also lay the media in layers or hang them on the wall. Practical isn’t it? Hydroponic method is your ultimate solution if you want to go green without taking too much space.


The sewing machine is a must-have item if you pick sewing as your hobby. Today’s sewing machines are practical because they use electric power, unlike the old ones. These modern sewing machines are also small and easy enough to carry anywhere. Therefore, you can sew in the living room while watching movies, or you can bring the machine to your bedroom for a quieter situation.

You should choose the sewing machine types according to your sewing needs. For beginners, a sewing machine with several standard stitch patterns should be your choice.

Making Dioramas

Creating dioramas is to replicate a scenery in a small-medium with high precision and accuracy on the details. Iconic tourism objects, forests, rivers, grasslands, and even a scene from a movie can be the themes for your dioramas. However, as for the tools, you may need to find them online. In some cases, you may even need to import them.

Nevertheless, creating dioramas is a very rewarding hobby. Once your skill is advanced enough, it is possible for you to create a one-stop animation by using your dioramas. You can also sell your project as an artistic decorative ornament.…