Types of Flooring

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When you are building a house and the time has come to decide the type of flooring you want there are many options to choose from. Each of these options may have advantages and disadvantages too. Let us explore a few options below:

Carpeting is a popular choice amongst most. Besides being a traditional choice for many homes, it is popular for many reasons. Carpeting is very soft and can make a room inviting and cozy. You can buy carpeting in almost any color that suits you and your overall home decor. You also get many different styles of carpets. However, the drawback in carpeting is that it is not easy to maintain. You need to vacuum frequently, shampoo the carpet if it gets dirty and most of all if something like wine spills, it can be a nightmare to clean.

Hardwood floors are also a great choice. They look elegant and brings charm to your home. They are easy to install and keep clean. However, water or liquids spilt and left to dry on the hardwood could damage it. Hardwood flooring is very pricey as well; however, it lasts long and adds value to your home.

Rugs are a nice way to accent the floors in your home and can be laid down over hardwood, tile or carpet beautifully. Rugs come in different shapes and sizes and can add to a rooms beauty by adding charm, warmth or sophistication. Rugs also help to cover up damage on the floor underneath, such as stains. They’re also fairly affordable.

Laminate floors are becoming very popular and can be ordered to look just like authentic hardwood floors or tile. Laminate floors are affordable, very easy to lay down and can give the look of a more expensive floor. They’re also very easy to maintain. The downside of laminate floors is they don’t last very long.

They are in the medium price range and are easy to maintain and last long. Even if a tile cracks it is rather easy to replace and not expensive too. It is resistant to liquids and dirt and does not get stained. Overall tiles would be one of the best options for a home. If you are looking for a great tiled floor have a look at Atlas Tile
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