Guide on installing a controlled door system

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Part of tremendous technological advancement today is putting security into more sophisticated and highly programmed access and exits like the controlled door system. This system has been used for more than decades in controlling the security over personnels and employees as well clients to access certain work areas like the personnel room, server room, record room as well as the front doors or parking doors. This door access control system aims to monitor and keep tracking everyone that may come and out in the area. Additionally, it keeps out the unauthorized person to enter into restricted room area for confidentiality and security reasons.

Installing door access control on anyone’s property is very crucial because of important things to consider about the appropriate control device and the access system installation. Thus, choosing the right service provider plays the essential role in this security system management.¬†Prairieville architectural door & hardware could be one of the references to count on to guide you on in choosing the best door access control system materials and hardware before making the final pick and decision on your installation.

 Free exit and controlled system compared

Beforehand, terms like free exit and the controlled system will be compared to give clear insights about the topic. The two terms are commonly under the security system control. Free exit doors basically detect and let a person out or enter the door by automatically opening or closing it. While the controlled door will ask multiple requirements that are programmed in the system in order for one to access the area just like keypads and swipe cards for simple security need. Moreover, multiple means of authentication like cards and thumbprints for the higher security needs, Lastly, aside from mentioned requirements, a property that needs an expanded security it has to be connected with another system like CCTV’s, sensors and alarms.

Coverage of the access system

What is the size of the access system? How many doors to be installed? Smaller and simple security purposes might require only a few doors of two or three that recommends a mere keypad lock or card access. But for higher and expanded security system, four to eight doors are opted to, and the system is linked together, and locks are in more need of multiple authentications.

Means of the access system

How will one get in? Or out? How will one secure and access the system? Both the access and egress system needs devices. More likely card and key access, numeric or a combination with fingerprints are used for accessing the door control system. While the egress devices could any of the following; push button exit, push bar exit, motion activated exit or the use of time delayed. For securing the door, locking electromagnetic devices are used and controlled by the installed computer software that controls the whole system.

Adopting such highly advanced technological tool would assure higher security measure that anyone could have. It is just a matter of planning and choosing the right service provider to install the system successfully. After having known some of the ideas about the door access control system from this article, the choice is now yours to make .