Four Reasons Why Your Furnace Needs Repairs

Posted on May 3, 2020Categories Air ConditioningTags ,

During the cold winter season, the furnace does an excellent job of keeping the home warm and comfortable. It also helps to prevent a variety of other problems in the house, which may end up costing quite a lot in repairs. Seasonal pipe bursts are an example of the issues that can be prevented by a well-functioning furnace. Your furnace is likely to stay off during the rest of the year when the weather is not cold. During that time, the furnace can get damaged without you realizing it. Some of the top signs to indicate that your furnace needs repair are highlighted below.

Abnormal Smells From the Furnace

It is common for furnaces to have a similar smell as the fuel usually used on it. That is generally more of the case when they are turned on for the first time after a long time. However, the smell should not be overwhelmingly strong or appear suddenly. The smell should also go away on its own after a short while. If you notice anything different from that, regarding the smell, your furnace probably needs to be repaired. Issues ranging from a gas leak to excessive dust in the unit might be the cause of the problem.

Difficulty Starting the Unit

You may experience some trouble turning the furnace on and in some cases, even keeping it going. If you are unable to get the unit started after having tried several times, the furnace probably needs to be repaired.

Pilot Light Is Discolored

The color of the pilot light can also work as an indication of whether your furnace needs repairs. For a sound furnace, the color should be blue. If you notice a change in color, especially to yellow, the furnace probably has a problem with ventilation. The color changes usually come about when certain gases such as carbon monoxide fail to dissipate effectively. You should consider the problem an urgent issue as it can result in serious health problems.

Inadequate Heat

The primary use of a furnace is to produce heat to warm up the home. If your furnace is not producing as much heat as it used to before, it probably has a problem. The problem can stem from a faulty thermostat and leaking ductwork.